Cultural heritage

Not all cultures are a heritage, nor those who are, will continue to be.

We might be proud of our country's culture but we forget to clarify which of them all.

Having hosted the Mayan culture in our soil, for example, doesn't makes all Mexicans part of their cultural heritage. 

Being proud of the mix of our own ancestors' culture mix, as colorful, tasty, music and family-oriented it may have been, doesn't mean most Mexicans carry it as a "heritage".

Heritage has a lot to do with security, with predictability. Something that can be quickly lost, stolen, forgotten or faked cannot become or remain as heritage. 

So what happens when negative values, such as self-dishonesty, self-irresponsibility and lack of self-thinking, makes a society so predictable? so polarized? Is it possible to have a negative (vicious) cultural heritage?

Yes indeed. That's why it's so hard to change it. Yes, it all starts with education because, besides our beautiful bodies, that's the second thing we inherit when we come to Earth. 

However, education is a man-made construct and our physical bodies are not. So, it seems we have privileged a man's construct over a "divine" one, meant as "from a higher mind or consciousness". We have not yet been allowed to freely think, feel and know for ourselves, and that may have kept us so predictable, so others' can free-ride on our energy and efforts; yes, like governments and "education systems", among many others.

Perhaps is now time to conquer our divine inheritance. It is time to honor our physical bodies and the qualities of the Self that can be mastered by knowing and using them. If you learn to finally think, feel and know for yourself, you will realize that you don't need to change our education system.

The only thing we need to change is to move "education" out of our way so we can conquer ourSelves.

How's that for a heritage?