Tenna helps people and organizations see what's not visible, unpack what's not worth carrying and become first that which they want to achieve next.

Consciousness GROWTH

We are all in the process of knowing ourselves better and conquering our own mind and emotions. Failing to do so, leads us inevitably to the cause-effect roller coaster in life, or what others interpret as karma. There is only two ways of seeing things in life: either random or fully connected. 

Once we realize that the challenges we face every day are a reflection of our limitations, we understand that we all have to work "within" to change our "without". 

“As above so below, as within so without, as the Universe so the soul”
— Hermes Trismegistus

When it comes to organizations, Tenna knows how to assess and improve the range of skills needed to lead at different responsibility levels, specially at higher executive positions. 


The Path-to-Leadership is the growth journey of an executive leader. It is both exciting and challenging. Our approach to developing executive leadership skills starts with the individual since it's hard to manage teams and more complex organizational structures if we don't have the skills to properly manage ourselves first. 

In the same way, we can not expect people to lead teams, groups and entire organizations if they don't know how to manage smaller-scale organizational units, like 1-to-1 partnerships. 

Path to Leadership eng.jpg

The executive name in any position denotes having transitioned from the "setting the example" paradigm to the "make things happen trough others" paradigm. This is a paradigm change precisely because leaders will no longer be evaluated and rewarded for operating activities, all of which will now be seen as falling in the comfort zone.

Interventions will now be focused on having the right people at the right place at the right time, while coaching them to perform at their best. This is a simple, yet very challenging idea. By allowing us to help leaders learn and dominate advanced executive skills, their performance will now have a great impact on the entire organization's performance.