Culture shows everything there is to know about an organization. Transforming an organization without changing what people unconsciously believe and do is impossible. 



At Tenna, we see organizations as a projection of their leaders. Our way to bring forth change and transformation is to work at 3 different levels: organizational (business), interpersonal and individual. 

Have you wondered why sometimes consulting at the business / organizational level is not enough? The reason is that many business challenges and problems originate at a deeper level!

Organizational LEVEL

We assess key aspects of an organization's strategy, sales, operations and culture to identify potential challenges and opportunities. Then we align and harmonize the four of them with the organization's true essence, ensuring its leadership executes with great clarity and understanding, overcoming their personal limitations in favor of higher consciousness states that deliver extraordinary performance with much less effort and cost.

Interpersonal LEVEL

It is impossible to manage complex organizations if one cannot lead smaller organizational units, like managing or leading our own selves (self-leadership). We also help executives overcome negative patterns and influences that may affect the way they manage different types of human relationships, including family and loved ones. Then, we make sure they develop and practice the executive skills needed to effectively lead teams, groups and higher forms of human organization.

Personal LEVEL

Tenna has extensive experience in helping top executives use their intuition, mind and feelings to solve their most pressing challenges and accomplish their goals. We help them understand a variety of concepts and tools that have a key influence on their performance and results. Then, we help them develop the skills and knowledge necessary to use them wisely and thrive, taking their self-realization to the next level.