Vision & Values

We are a safe haven of trust and confidentiality where members can focus and work on achieving goals and overcoming challenges. 


A paradigm-changing platform for executive -inner- growth.


To reconnect leaders and organizations with what makes them great.


• WISDOM: to achieve higher clarity and understanding in the search for truth;

• GUIDANCE: to lead others into higher states of consciousness;

• BEAUTY: to find and bring out the greatness in every person and organization;

• GENIUS: to express ideas in the most simple and beautiful way.

Value Propositions

• Reconnect with what makes you great.

• Rethink your business and grow in a virtuous way.

•Multiply your value and capital with the right culture.

What "Tenna" means

Tenna gannen (天和元年): The new era name of Tenna; 

Tenna comes from the name of a Japanese era meaning "heavenly imperial peace". Just like the one we feel when our intuition, mind and feelings (in that order) work in virtuous harmony and balance to help us solve our greatest challenges.

The Tenna Model

We don't use methodologies because they are linear, mentally-biased and short-lived. Artists, scientists and philosophers, among others, use models instead. Like great works of art, models are timeless. Models work best because they represent how things work in the real world. It's hard to conceive an airplane without studying birds.

Great models resonate with the universe and nature, until now the most divine (as of a higher consciousness) models we can study, just like our physical bodies. Being so, our model emulates nature and the triune qualities of the Self (intuition, mind and feelings) to understand how they can individually and collectively best project and manifest into our different realities.