About Us

Tenna helps leaders and organizations create and multiply value by expanding their consciousness and transforming their culture.

We specialize in leadership, performance and transformation.


To reconnect people and organizations with what makes them great.


• Wisdom: to distill clarity and higher understanding in the search for truth;

• Guidance: to help people increase their self-awareness and expand their consciousness;

• Beauty: to bring out and potentiate the greatness in every person and organization;

• Genius: to express complex ideas in the most simple and attractive way.

What "Tenna" means

Tenna gannen (天和元年): the new era name of Tenna; 

Tenna comes from the name given to a Japanese era meaning "heavenly imperial peace", like the one we can achieve when our intuition, mind and feelings work in virtuous harmony and balance to help us overcome our most pressing challenges.


  • HSBC
  • The Shirlaws Group
  • GP Strategies
  • Constructora GRCC
  • APC Packaging
  • Grupo Prodensa
  • Colegio Inglés Hidalgo
  • Brandcorp
  • ISA Ambiental